Designation of acupuncture points

Thanks to the effects of an acupuncture and a vertebrologist in Kiev, it has a tonic effect on the overall functions of all Yang-organs. This happens when the revealed relative predominance of the functions of Yin organs.

When toning the Hui-yin point, the functions of the Yin-organs in all channels are enhanced. And when toning the Chang-Qiang point, the functions of Yang-organs in all channels. The point of inflow, or entry, of energy is on its channel. Through it energy enters the channel from the previous channel.

When numbering points, it is not always under the first number. The method of influence on it does not depend on the state of the energy balance in the channels.

The point of outflow of energy. Through the point of outflow, or exit, - energy enters the next channel. She is at the very end.

In some works of Western acupuncture schools, the beginning of the path of energy is the heart channel and its first point (C.1.Ji-Chuan), in other works the lung channel and its first point (R..1.Chung-fu) are considered the initial channel. The first and second assumptions are purely conditional since the sequence of channels in the general “big circulation” system remains unshakable.

In European literature and osteopathy Kharkov, the name of channels and points is usually written in the form of a transcriptional notation for Chinese characters in that and another language (English, French, German). Along with it, a system of telephone indices with alphanumeric designation of points is also used, along which the channel is indicated by the letters of the abbreviated name by organ, and the dots - by the number along the channel energy.

The alphabetical index of the main points is given in the corresponding annexes, and their location on the body parts by channels is shown on acupuncture drawings. On the territories of the countries of the former Soviet Union, the channels were called by the authority in Russian, and the points - in Chinese in Russian transcription.