Determination of healing points in the body

In special medical literature it is constantly emphasized that active points are both standard and changing their location. So, every single case, having ordered a massage on the left bank in Kiev patient, needs to be considered separately, scrupulously and carefully. These last points, which change their position and migrate, are practically active active points. After all, they have a local effect on the key symptoms that cause additional twisting around themselves and give the resource a secondary reward and stress in the body. But even with a slight deviation from the standard arrangement, they are practically active active points, and nothing is different from them. In most cases, the points are in the cavities of the joints or where the nerves come out of the muscles under the skin. The cavities of the joints can be easily schematically found, but the places where the nerves go out is difficult to define and feel.
The points of impact can be determined by certain schemes or by the highly developed palpatory sensitivity of the doctor and his professional intuition. But before any medical treatment on the patient, also in analogy with veterinarian for dogs in Kiev, it is necessary to first carefully study the history of the patient and his viewed tendencies for recovery and seduction. The effect on the treatment points is selected with each individually and their location varies accordingly. It is important to listen to the patient's body in order to be able to provide him with the necessary and adequate point treatment. The patient's body should trust the doctor and discover its global causes of the disease, which may extend from early childhood and maternal pregnancy. And then it will happen unusual - the body will be free from long fixations, will find symmetry and freedom of movement at all levels of its physiological development.

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