Biodynamic practice

As from correctly and carefully executed biodynamics, or osteopathic exercises and breathing practices, a person is covered for a few minutes with health and harmonious flames, and the pronunciation of sacred prayers activates those spiritual qualities that have so far slumbered in the student or patient, and he for a short time passed the previous stages of such treatment, concentration and prayer, - passes into a state of superconsciousness.

This case explains the fact that the biodynamist, or kinesiologist Poltava, patiently awaits the natural disclosure of the patient's spiritual inclinations and the purification of his nature through his own intimacy and surroundings. He chose the right time for initiation after many years, when the patient was cleansed by preparatory exercises, spiritual practices, prayer and prolonged self-correction.

The more awareness of the need to clear the mind (this important part of the teachings of psycho-kinesitherapy) and the realization of this purification with the help of appropriate techniques, the less will be despondency and failure.
It is important in any treatment to improve and work on yourself.
Biodynamics is one of the most important aspects of practice in all forms of osteopathy. Through the practice of psychological aspects, the physician can control the activity of the nervous system, as a result of which it gradually effects on the structure, physiological harmony, and spiritual balance.
To breathe means to exist, and to exist means to breathe. Every living being breathes, and breathing is a violation of life. From the first days of the baby and to the last breath, a cyclic series of breaths accompanies a person.

Biodynamics Kiev can determine the age of a person not by the number of years, but by the number of breaths. We are constantly depleting our vitality, or physiological energy, with our thoughts, desires, activities, and the like. Every thought, every act of will, movement of muscles is accompanied by the expenditure of this vital force, and therefore it must be constantly renewed. This can be done mainly through breathing.