Balance and harmony in the body

The osteopathic biodynamics there is no reason to believe that life can not be created with a clearly lifeless matter, like stone and iron. According to the philosophy of osteopathy (biodynamics), non-life no matter, since everything is Consciousness itself. Scientists say that in the middle of the tiny particles are incredibly intensive biodynamic movement. If there is movement, there must be a kind of live energy that causes it, and the energy is the basis of all life, to find and release and which poses one of the main objectives of Shiatsu Kiev.
Ancient osteopathic philosophy, according to which people, animals, birds, fish and the elements showing those disease states which they have received in utero - this is the theory, which gradually takes the world of the twentieth century, with its rational and indifferent attitude to health and spiritual component .
Spirit, or pure reason, creates a mind and matter, its creative power forms the substance of consciousness is veiled and formless Spirit, that is infinite creates a finite as an identity or personality. Therefore an authoritative historical Chinese medicine and pays great attention to this.
The mineral kingdom, the Spirit manifests itself as a lower form of sensitivity, where the consciousness is barely noticeable.
Consequently, the sensitivity like in osteopathy Shostka must be more highly developed, and can be pronounced in those crystals which have distinct shapes and outlines. Therefore, with this the correct approach to wellness exercises in conjunction not only with the physical (material), but also with the psycho-emotional state, our autonomic system, with its sympathetic and parasympathetic components, steadily and more quickly get their long-awaited harmony and balance!