Biodynamic philosophy

Today, we can meet those followers of osteopathy who blindly follow their guide, neglecting the search for truth. Biodynamic philosophy and its teachers are not calling for the blind repetition of osteopathic techniques, and only require that students were patient, and many things that initially seem obscure, clarified together with the improvement of the students themselves.
There are many areas of biodynamics, with which you can achieve effective treatment of osteopathy Novgorod-Seversky, or a significant improvement in health. Osteopathic biodinamika- this area (science), through which the individual approaches the self-healing themselves or people close to him. The aim of the whole biodynamic practices is to achieve unity in which the individual, as a physician, identifies (combines) with the image of himself ill patient. To achieve this, the doctor must continue to evolve in neurodynamic and psychological sciences.
In fact, health and pure consciousness in man is a whole, indivisible and infinite in nature, inactive and unchanged ... This structural totality is in everything - from mineral to man.
It never changes and is the most complex element that is found in everything - from mineral to man. Since the stages of evolution rises - from mineral to man, biodynamics can contribute to this in every way its various manifestations and trends.

Modern scientists have proved to some extent that the life can be made from minerals, and the experiment continued. The first scientist kinesiologist who created life from inanimate object, was Andrew Cross, who examined the stones. In 1837 he tried to get a piece of crystal electric heating iron oxide with hydrochloric acid and potash silicate. On the stone appear small white pimples that after 26 days turned into insects copies. And after 2 nights they crawled. Cross wrote: "Never in the world, I thought, and no one gave the right to assume, who considered them (insects) creation. I never dreamed of a theory by which to explain their appearance. It was just in case. "
Another scientist, Morley Martin kotorіy died in 1838, said that he created a biodynamic life from the old-style stone - azoyskogo. He heated the stone as long as he has not turned into ashes. Then he has held numerous operations with a stone until it formed small crystals, which he called the original protoplasm. Finally, it has increased those crystals, and the one who was looking through a magnifying glass, noticed that there were bustling thousands of small fish.