Exercises and Spiritual Development

Each stage in their spiritual development should be thought of such exercises, as well as a Thai massage at home Kiev, which are better suited to it. Some people train with the image of the sun that shines in their hearts, while others are exercised when the hum of prayer. You can practice putting your mind on each of these places (for heart and heart).
Repeat the exercise, it is necessary to think about its meaning.
Bad thoughts and secular desire - these are things that relate to the false and the false body and mind are things of darkness. I they are not allowed to appear. I am not bound by any actions, I must humble mental element. I have to control my thoughts, because they come from my passions. I like the light and invisible rays, should try to be humble and not to disturb anyone bored all their problems.
For the realization of the "I" is starting to get a lot of help from repeating these exercises when thinking about its meaning. This kind of exercise frees man from the clutches of death, and it achieves immortality. No action will connect the person if his actions are no mediation or pleasure. A person must always identify himself with humility and love, rejecting all that "his" and "mine."
Before starting the exercises students recommend if they wish to achieve quick results, remove three impurities of the mind: a small, aboegoizm, throwing crazy audacity. These contaminants can be described as crazy.
Small or selfishness, is the highest pollution. She of all people. Its amount depends on the degree of spiritual development of the soul. We can only resolve its selfless service, as well as doing a back massage in Kiev. Therefore, each student is weak or well prepared before you begin upraneniyam should spend some time in service to others, not thinking about compensation.