Treatment pancreas

Theoretically grounded discirculatory venous disease of the abdominal cavity Professor V. V.Bashnyak in 1989 found that the main primary mechanism of this disease is the shift in the direction of the pancreas gland small bags.

However, in order to return to the place of the pancreas, massage movements will not be enough. A special technique, principles, consistency in reposition "dislocation" of the pancreas. Massage Therapy at home Kiev shown only after reduction of the pancreas. Chiropractic abdominal venous dyscirculatory diseases of the abdominal cavity as recommended in functional and morphological stage when, as well as in the period of exacerbation. A particularly effective when the functional manipulation stage of the disease when the pancreas is observed shift upwards, i.e. in the small bag epiploon.
Shape and size of the packing bags are individually different, as indicated by Professor KI Kulchytsky et al. (1989). It highlights the top corner gland, which is located behind the caudate of the liver and can be extended to the esophagus and diaphragm, and a lower angle gland, which comes to the splenic recess.
As a result of the displacement of the pancreas arises pronounced squeezing the upper and lower mesenteric and portal veins and sometimes. Violation krovoottoka contributes to changing the motor, absorptive, protective, enzymatic and other functions of the gastrointestinal tract.

With timely and skilled execution of the treatment of the abdominal cavity with the return of the pancreas in the nose box, thanks to the manual therapist Kiev, all these functional disorders disappear without going to the morphological disease.