The gathering of medical history

Collecting medical history, medical assistant is required to set the time of occurrence of this disease and the alleged reasons for it, considering in this respect the opinion of the patient - the possibility of fatigue, cooling, infection, trauma, and so on. E., The effectiveness of osteopathic treatment at home Kiev, as an indispensable medical therapy .
Figuring out the history of the disease, trying to determine the actual cause, even if it operated many years ago (eg, megaloblastic anemia was observed in patients now - a consequence of gastrectomy performed eight years ago). Should not overestimate the pathogenetic role of trauma (patients they are considered crucial for their disease, including rheumatism and tumors, which of course is not true). According to the story of patients, and myocardial infarction, and acute leukemia, anemia and start "the flu." Often, these expressions paramedic uncritically transfers in medical records. In such cases, it is only necessary to confine a statement of fact influenza, not associating it with the further dynamics of the disease.
Collecting and presenting the history of the disease, it is advisable not "slide" on the surface, listing the hospital where hospitalized patients, and previous diagnoses; is much more important for the understanding of the pathological process to evaluate the (fix) the dynamics of complaints, objective symptoms and effects are applied drugs.
Collecting personal history, you need to install past illnesses and injuries, women find out the number of pregnancies, children's health, the nature of menstruation (periods of the latter). Of course, for an elderly person transferred in early childhood infections are not essential, but in all cases it is necessary to record a history of recurrent pneumonia, and tonsillitis, severe scarlet fever, toxic influenza, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes in a diagnostic sense, in the treatment of spine Shostka, important records surgeries and injuries, including injuries.