System Manual Therapy

Has always been that it is necessary to start with the standardization of manual therapy with a further improvement on the basis of the individual to the level predetermined by God.
Need a classification system, the standards of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
What is the standards and standardization?
System (from the Greek. Systema) - connection into a whole (system synthesis). This is what is necessary to bring services chiropractor home Kiev, techniques, methods and techniques of manual therapy to a single synthetic system. In this unified system, which has a base, a foundation of historical knowledge and skills can be further studied, try to look for, but we can not deviate from the truth, to write a story, luminaries and masters of manipulation.
But in the development of standards manual medicine every doctor "pulls the blanket over himself." It is difficult to establish standards of regular diagnostic and treatment methods.
Yes, many of these professionals outside the critical issues at a higher intuitive level. But the standard - est standard, as the law - a law.
More worthy of the same can be considered synthetic Moscow school-based tools and techniques Nicholas Kasian. But as time goes forward, synthesizing the best medicine in the world, combining (harmonizing) Zhen-gu (bone setting) East with osteopathy, chiropractic America and the West, combining in a single unit system such as Visceral therapy of internal organs Ogulova A. and V. Bashnyaka , Ukrainian doctors suggest synthetic school standards of treatment to be based on the recovery of the rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the spine and spinal cord by V.A. Kachesova (hospital Sklifosovsky, Moscow).