The use of a broom in the bath

Before entering the pair separation is necessary to wear a hat or tie the head with a towel. Headdress periodically moistened with cold water. Given the substantial difference in the temperatures at the ceiling and floor steam bath room, take the procedure better lying down. Furthermore, in this position is achieved the most complete relaxation of the muscles of the back and lower extremities. Allowed during the adoption procedure pat hands and pressed his fists in the back and lumbar spine in parallel. After two or three visits with a short rest between them should rest for 20-25 minutes with the obligatory Cover the trunk sheet or towel and use of Thai massage Shostka. At this time converted to the Russian sauna bath. To do this, pour hot water, wooden walls, shelves and floor, air and allowed to stand in the bath for 25-30 minutes. Then "Finish" steam pour hot stones flavored substances (decoction of eucalyptus, peppermint, etc.), or water left after steaming brooms.

Particular attention should be paid to the procedure strikes broom. Adopt procedures laid on the shelf. Pick up a broom to the ceiling guys (here the highest temperature) and shake it a few times to warm up to the appropriate temperature. Movements broom without touching the patient, "adjust" hot steam to the body, creating a so-called air cushion. Then periodically pressed against the heated broom to different parts of the back, waist and buttocks, rubbing them these areas. This rubbing and steaming act as a kind of visceral therapy at home, improving heat transfer and pain relief. Warming up the muscles thus applied first light, and then stronger shocks broom on the back and limbs.