Certain violations in manual therapy

Involutive and sports arthritis accompanied by less inflammatory manifestations, even in cases of secondary synovitis.
Use special techniques and therapeutic massage at home Kiev for tenderness in the joints, for example, passive hip rotation outwards and maximum active abduction painful hip in coxarthrosis, which allows to distinguish it from sciatica. Pain in the sacral tilt the body forward and with pressure on the iliac crest lying on the couch sick solid point to defeat the sacroiliac joint - sacroiliitis. Palpation of the cervical spine in the neck due to the rotation of the manipulation manual massage at home Kiev reveals crepitus in osteochondrosis and spondylosis; were also examined morbidity at effleurage palpation of the spinous processes and paravertebral points.

In a progressive course of arthritis is necessary to measure the angle of possible movements (flexion, extension, rotation, etc.) In all joints, the angle is evaluated by a protractor. For example, if Ankylosing spondylitis is necessary to evaluate the possibility of bending the body - whether the patient to get his hands to the floor.
You should carefully examine the internal organs of the patient, using a back massage in Kiev, the traditional scheme. Mandatory ECG. Have important diagnostic value pneumoarthrography, studies of peripheral blood and biochemical assays (protein fraction and the total protein, rheumatoid factor blood level of uric acid). Mandatory study Wasserman, general and bacteriological analysis of feces, consulting urologist, ophthalmologist.