Eye examination

Of particular importance is the diagnosis of the eye area. Bulging eyeballs typical for such diseases as hyperthyroidism. Retraction of the eye is diagnosed with tumor diseases and atonal health. In some cases it is useful to explore, through the technique visceral chiropractic at home Kiev, the tone of the eyeballs, gently pushing them with your fingers (a significant reduction in the tone characteristic of diabetic coma). Should pay attention to the width of the eye slits and the diameter of the pupils. The rapid decrease of the pupil (miosis) is observed in uremia, by morphine, with a significant nicotine poisoning after administration of pilocarpine in the eye. It is necessary to evaluate conjunctival color, the presence of rash on them, painting sclera - whether jaundice.
In the diagnosis of the oral cavity, the importance of paying language. But we must note that in the normal state of its mucous membrane uniformly pink, velvety, at the root of the basics is easy plaque, which disappears immediately after eating small amounts of food or washing the mouth. A large plaque on the surface of language, ie, taxation, characteristic for serious febrile illnesses. In advanced gastric cancer tongue is covered with atrophic papillae - he "painted". In peritonitis, - language surface is dry, sometimes with significant cracks.

All injuries are accompanied by local swelling, pain, and in some cases - dysfunction of the affected limb, bruising, sometimes late (a bruise muscles, periosteum).

If a person can not change the situation, ordering chiropractor at home, he can change his attitude to it and "accept" it. With our stereotypes, but more often with the inertia of thinking, stamps and regimens of orthodox medicine is difficult to rebuild, but the time required to make the first step, and with him and begins a spiritual way.