Massage in the bath

The effectiveness of bath procedures, as well as a procedure such as a back massage Kiev, largely depends on the residence time in the steam room. The most optimal time in the steam room office at the high temperature and humidity is 4-6 or 5-10 min. We consider the following rational approach mode separation in the steam room. The first call should last no longer than 5 minutes, the second (the longest) -up to 10-15 min, subsequent visits should be reduced by 1-1.5 min. Rest between I-II procedure is 10-15 minutes before all subsequent visits need to lengthen the period of rest each time for 5-10 min. The total duration of stay in the doubles department should not exceed 30-50 minutes. During a visit to the sauna, you can perform the massage. It is better to start from the back, using the first stroking and then mashing. After back massage gluteal and leg muscles in the following order: hip-shin-ankle. At least massaged the muscles of the abdomen, chest and hands. Duration of the procedure in the bath should not exceed 10-30 minutes. For the best possible use of sliding hands with soap. Combining termoprotsedur and classic massage at home Kiev promotes more rapid excretion of toxins, relieve fatigue and muscle tone, as well as normalization of peripheral circulation. After visiting the offices of the pair, we do not recommend that patients with osteochondrosis swim in the pool. Better to take a warm shower and wrap in a clean, dry sheets or towels.

Bath procedure is recommended even with this disease, as arthrosis vertebral joints (chronic dystrophic). But contraindication to the bath can be such types of hyperemia, as increased blood supply of any portion of the peripheral vascular system.