Peritoneum, bile and visceral chiropractic

According to the data of human physiology, bile is the result of external secretion of the liver. With the exception of periods of digestion, it accumulates in the gallbladder, where it undergoes a process of concentration and distribution throughout the body. And then, in conjunction with the professional treatment of a doctor masseur Kiev, intermittently thrown out through the common bile duct into the duodenum.
Bile is devoid of enzymes and its main constituents are bile acids and salts, namely glycolic acid and sodium taurocolate. About 9/10 of bile salts are absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, along with fats, and enter the enterohepatic cycle.
Bile pigments bilirubin presented and its oxidation product biliverdin, formed by the decomposition of hemoglobin in the reticuloendothelial system. Bile also contains lecithin, cholesterol, bile acid, mucin and minerals. But its role in digestion bile salts belongs to emulsify fats by lowering the surface tension and the fragmentation of a very small particles easily digested by lipase.
All three secretory activity (intestinal, pancreatic and bile) are in a state of multiple functional relationships and, therefore, under the influence of manual massage Kiev have partially common neurohumoral regulation.
Intestinal juice secretion stimulated by local reflections arising due to stretching of the intestinal walls, as well as the corresponding mucosa irritation, which can effectively contribute to medical massage of the abdomen.
In humans, the bile is released constantly, on average, an amount equal to 23 mL / h in a state of wakefulness and 15 ml / hour during sleep. Excitation of the central end of the vagus nerve also causes increased secretion of bile, proving the existence of this mechanism vagovagalnogo regulation. Stimulation of the sympathetic nerve inhibits the secretion of bile, while reducing its adrenaline. Inhibitory effect on the secretion of bile has also stretching the colon (according to the Romanian professor Haulike). Many centuries ago, oriental medicine, speaking of the primary elements, emphasized the power of their relationship under the laws of stimulation and subordination (oppression). In this case, we are once again convinced of the wisdom that all new - it is well forgotten old.
Coordination of gallbladder contraction, usually accompanied by a relaxation of the sphincter of Oddi, caused nervous and myogenic mechanism. Classically, it is believed that the vagus nerve reduces the gallbladder and sphincter of Oddi opens and splanchnic nerve has the opposite effect. In fact, each of these two nerve contains both a motor and braking the fibers. The response of the gall bladder, or other type depends on the prevalence stimulated excitatory or inhibitory fibers.
For the understanding of the written procedure, therapeutic massage at home Kiev, really need, just take without preconceptions and their own conclusions. Can not be taken at face value and at the same time is not questioned, but just try to see the chiropractor work and try to be treated by this method. We must remember that truth more deeply, but at the same time near and far easier than it seems. It is available only to the elite.
Ignorance - is not only a lack of knowledge, but more often the result of denial: "This can not be, because this can never happen." Modern physicians based on the principle of "do no harm", it is easier to give up the newly restored visceral chiropractic methods, especially such who is not accustomed to work with your hands, and do not know the medical massage. A big mistake of modern orthodox medicine, like any science, is that it certainly takes the results of sensory perception and intellectual interpretation as an "objective" picture of reality. However, it completely ignores the fact that any sensory perception is always subjective and dependent on the characteristics of culture and intelligence of the observer. Everyone sees the world individually. But it is an intellectual understanding and rational knowledge by nature is an obstacle to the spirit and truth, for all judges in the affirmative or negative. Meanwhile, the truth lies beneath our feet as eternal and immutable being, more than a predefined, and our logical reasoning lead us away from it.
Eastern wisdom says: "torments of hell - pure pleasure in comparison with the terrible human suffering, unable to understand the truth."