How should you take a bath

With osteochondrosis optimum temperature in considered bath 80-90 ° C for humidity air 4-8%.

Before entering the sauna department need good body wash in the shower and wipe it dry. Go to the steam room, wrapped in a dry sheet. The first call lasts no more than 10-15 minutes (usually prior to sweating), a second run is performed after a rest of at least 8-b min. At this time, once again taking a shower, Be sure to wipe the body, and then again go to the sauna. In between calls in the steam room separation dried body and rest. amount visits depends on the state of health of the receiving process.

Russian baths differ high efficiency of their effects on humans. The peculiarity of Russian baths are relatively high temperature (80- 90 ° C) and humidity (10-15%). In such temperature of the body is well warmed. Humidity is regulated by pouring water or heated stones decoctions of various herbs. Furthermore, in Russian baths using brooms, also use the facilities osteopath in Kiev.

There has been a trend towards unifying bath procedures, that is, regardless of the type of bath, the procedure tend to take on the classic version. Given the positive and negative qualities of the Finnish and Russian baths, as well as the clinical features of osteoarthritis, we recommend a two-step procedure termoprotsedur decision is, in our opinion, the best for this category of patients. In the first step taken by the procedure of the classic rules of the sauna. Immediately prior to this wash with warm water in the shower and do lymph drainage massage at home Kiev. Do not use soap as it degreases the skin and makes it more sensitive to high temperature.