Diagnosis If any of the joints

Now allocate the disease, which effectively acts therapeutic massage in Kiev: 1) mainly metabolic and dystrophic (arthrosis, chondropathy); 2) predominantly inflammatory (arthritis); 3) secondary arthropathy (with tumor, hematological, neurological, endocrine, and other diseases).
About infectious arthritis and manual massage at home in Kiev say when the tissues of the joint and found microorganisms and their antigens; post-infectious arthritis (only in the presence of microbial antigen). Isolated as reactive arthritis (in the absence of the joint at the time of study, and the microbe and its antigen) and so-called inflammatory arthritis, etiology of which is unknown, but is often associated with the genesis of immune complex deposition. Infectious-allergic polyarthritis, highlighted AI Nesterov in 1961 as an independent nosological form, now "collapsed" on infectious (postinfection) and allergic arthritis.

Such co-morbidities such as obesity, tonsillitis, tuberculosis and others., are of particular importance as a prerequisite for arthropathy.

In the diagnosis in connection with diseases of the joints, against which isspolzuyut massage at home in Kiev, mandatory registration of diseases from parents, siblings and other relatives of the patient. Family history is of particular importance in the diagnosis of gout, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatism, ochronosis, degenerative arthritis early age (illness Kashin -Beka).