Diagnosis for further treatment

Diagnostic (epidemiological) value for the manual therapist on the house has detection of infectious hepatitis in the past. It is necessary to specify shipping of hemotransfusions in the past.

The family anamnesis is of great importance. It is especially important to reveal existence at relatives of rheumatism, tuberculosis, chronic pneumonia, hypertensive illness and others hereditarily the caused diseases (diabetes, haemo lytic anemias, hemophilia, etc.).

It is necessary to specify intolerance of drugs, smells, any foodstuff. It is necessary to find out existence of these or those professional vrednost from the patient.

The data received during inquiry allow to formulate the preliminary diagnosis directing the course of further carrying out reflexotherapy at home Kiev of objective inspection. Certainly, the patient shouldn't be injured diagnostic assumptions ("the myocardial infarction" etc. isn't excluded). Only after the end of research it is necessary to tell to relatives the preliminary diagnosis, and to warn the patient about need of hospitalization or treatment.

At a disease of a liver the gall bladder suffers, first of all, - and it, in turn, conducts to violation of functions and works of our joints (emergence of various artropatiya, arthroses, arthritises can be a consequence of that).

Artropatiya — almost obligatory component of clinic of kollagenoz; they are caused in most cases by an immunocomplex vaskulit of a sinovialny cover; clinically thus also monoarthritis can be observed.