Saying meditative sounds

OM consists of the letters A, B, M, and according to the rules of the Sanskrit grammar A and B, if they stand side by side, they read as B, and thus the combination of letters AUM forms the sound OM. OM sound is the most natural for pronunciation. Even the dumb can pronounce it. And follow the boys who play on the playground, or are treated in a massage room Kiev. They express excessive joy with a long sound O, simply abbreviated OM. But not only children, but also all people pronounce this sound when they have a lot of fun: either while playing football, or at horse racing, or at parties.

To realize one’s “I,” a beginner gets a lot of help from repeating the word “OM” when he meditates on its meaning. This kind of meditation frees one from the clutches of death, and he attains immortality. No action will bind a person if there is no mediation or comfort in his actions. The literal meaning of Vedanta is the end of knowledge, the end of speech. And all Vedanta is represented by the word OM.

The vast majority of people respond: "Oh, yes," or "Oh, God!". When someone is lying in bed sick or has some kind of trouble, when someone is tormented by intolerable pain, the sound of “Odo or“ Mind ”, which is a distorted expression of OM, comes out of his mouth. Prayers often end with the word "Amen." This sound is reminiscent of AUM.Why is this sound so important in the life of every person? The answer is: it is a natural sound. It eases the pain of a sick person, expresses a mental attitude in the form of sounds, which, in turn, contribute to peace and harmony.

If the ailment already goes away with incorrect sounding of this sound, will it not give much more symmetry and harmony, if it is correctly pronounced, and during treatment at the doctor, kinesitherapist Uzhgorod? OM is also known as pranava, or that which permeates life and passes through prana, that is, breathing. Even the sound of the bell, the sound of the river, the whistle of the wind resemble the sound of OM. Our instant feelings depend on the tongue, like the opposite ends of one stick. And without each other can not exist.

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