Spiritual biodynamic exercises

When performing biodynamic spiritual exercises it is possible to rise to the higher layers with a simple utterance of the word, Lord have mercy or AUM. The meaning of the word "OM" for different people is different. Everyone at his stage of spiritual development should give him such a value that he is better suited. Some people train prayerfully, others associate exercises with the sun of the suns or the stars that shine in their hearts, while the third meditate when they sing OM, about ajna chakra (between the eyebrows). But it is much more convenient and easier, with the help of bioenergetics in kiev, to meditate on each of these places in time and space (location in the heart and between the eyebrows).

Repeating OM, one must meditate on its meaning as follows: I am the light of the light, I am the sun, I am the real sun, the visible sun is just one of the significant symbols. (When we sleep, we see phenomena not from a lamp: not from the light of the moon, the sun or other lights, and yet we see them.) If we can not observe without light, then with what light do we see the light?). This is the light of my real "I", this is the light of my atman, this is my light, which makes everything visible in my dreams.

It is possible to represent and so: that It I appear, as beautiful flowers in different gardens. In me, the whole world lives, moves and has its meaning. Everywhere my will is fulfilled. I manifest everywhere, I feed every creature - from the very microbes to man. I existed before the beginning of the world.
Bad thoughts and secular desire are things that concern the false body and the false mind and are things of darkness. At me they should not rotate and influence thoughts. I am not bound by any bonds, I am king over the elements. I'm all-pervasive, as the higher ether. I, like light and transparent rays, spread through every atom and every object. I'm small, I'm tall, I'm an observer, I'm a performer. I am a glorious people and at the same time shameful and dishonorable. I'm low fell. Oh, how splendid I am! I'm a candle in lightning, I'm thundering in the thunder, I exist in every letter, I'm a whistle of wings, I'm swaying on the stormy waves of the sea. Friend - I, the enemy - I. For me there are no friends and enemies. Whatever the condition of this body, it does not concern me. All my bodies. I am a whole universe. Everything is in me. I am unlimited, eternal, all-pervading. I am in everyone and in everything. I'm in you, you're in me. There can be neither you nor me, and there is no difference in this. Treatment and prevention should always include a set of various procedures, including a visit to the doctor masseur in clinic Kiev.