Massage terminology

Wasting - progressive degeneration and functional impairment of cells and tissues due to their malnutrition. Degeneration - a degeneration of tissues or organs, which reduces their ability to live or degrade the performance. Destruction - destruction, destruction. Dystrophy - eating disorder tissues, organs or the whole organism. Diffuse lesion - a diffuse, lengthy defeat that has no clear boundaries. Immobilization at manual therapist at home - creating complete immobility or decrease the mobility of one or more body parts. Innervation supply of organs and nerve tissue. Local defeat - a limited, local lesion. Lumbago (lumbago) - suddenly there is severe pain in the lumbar region. Lumbodynia - long, but not particularly strong pain in the lumbar region. Osteophyte - abnormal bone growth on the surface of the bone. Osteochondrosis - degenerative osteochondral process. Tissue regeneration treatment services manual therapist at home helps to restore lost or damaged body tissues Oli parts makers. Reparative processes of recovery systems and organs, died as a result of a pathological process. Relapse refund, a new outbreak of the disease. Spondylolisthesis vertebral segment offset anteriorly. Exogenous factor factor caused by external influences. Endogenous factors factor arising within the organism.