Influence of bath-house on our health

A few words are about influence of bath-house. A "bath-house steams, a bath-house governs, bath-house all will remedy" - a folk proverb says of so justly, reflecting attitude toward a bath-house on Rus.

It is well-proven that manual massage of Shostka, and also a high temperature assists clearing of skin due to an increase diaphoresis, and has influence on терморегуляцию, being an original gymnastics for vessels, and also assists the decline of tone, increase of muscular force and endurance, accelerates restoration processes in the organism of man.

A bath-house is contra-indicated only at the heavy flow of disease in a sharp period, great pain in a back, extremities and curvature of rachis.

In addition, a bath-house is not recommended at cardiovascular diseases, illnesses of lungs, vegetative neurosis, febricities, skin and infectious diseases.

Varieties of bath-house procedures, and also services of masseur in Shostka are mainly conditioned by traditions of people, national customs, climatic features etc. The bath-houses of "dry" steam and Russian bath-houses are most popular presently. Each of them has the advantages and defects.

Bath-houses of "dry steam". The most typical representative of this type of bath-houses is a sauna (Finnish bath-house). For her the high temperature of air in a steam room separation (to 100°With and more) and subzero humidity (are characteristic 3-5 Subzero humidity results in an increase evaporation of sweat from the surface of body, that provides the decline of temperature of skin due to formation of layer of air with more subzero, than surrounding, by a temperature. Such mechanism of protective thermal control allows to transfer rather easily temperature within 100 °C.